About Us

We Provide a variety of services such as a turnkey interior design solution to our clients.  We have relationships with local stores, catalogs, online stores and our trade sources such as Dallas District and Dallas Market Center.

Dogwood Designs is a full service interior design firm

Founded by Mary K Feher.  Dogwood Designs is a unique Interior design firm that specializes in blending a clients ideas into a useful and inviting yet visually pleasing space.

Our goal and vision when working with someone always begins by defining the function and desired use of the room they want to transform.

Some projects begin with a painting of personal memory, an accent or even a repurposed furniture item.

The most important element of interior design begins with understanding the homeowners hidden desires.  This can stem from something they have seen or experience on a vacation to a simple memory from a time past.

The colors and texture along with function, blend to create a pleasant space that imitates the clients personal taste and lifestyle

About the Interior Designer

Mary K. Feher

Mary K. Feher

Interior Designer

Mary K’s vast experience in the custom home & residential renovation field spans over 30 years. And has given her the ability and patience to establish a relationship with her clients. She creates  a comfort level that is required to transform a room beyond the homeowners expectations.

Her budget minded approach provides her customers a peace of mind needed to enjoy the process and see their interior design come to life!

Mary K’s possesses the ability to recreate using existing furniture and accessories. Infusing new items into the plan not only blending the old with new, but allows the client an affordable solution.

The Qualified interior designer should always be able to accentuate pieces you already own!